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Advanced Admin Console: Call for feedback

April 12th, 2008

With the download numbers being steadily high and the amount of user feedback declining, I can only assume that the HomeServer community’s interest in the Advanced Admin Console addin is unbroken and there are neither major bugs left nor are there any critical features missing.

As my conclusions are only based on non-feedback I ‘got’ during the last weeks, why don’t you do it just like Anonymous here and post your feature requests, bug reports or general feedback. In fact, doing so soon would be great because I’m currently preparing a new version of the Advanced Admin Console that will (optionally) have a shutdown button in the left corner of the toolbar, just as Anonymous requested.

This is what it will look like:


So you see, your feedback can have a direct impact on the next version.

If I won’t receive any feature requests until Microsoft’s release of Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server I will consider the Advanced Admin Console ‘done’ and move on.

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas about what still can be added/changed. But please keep one thing in mind: The Advanced Admin Console is a tool for advanced users and it’s goal is to make things easily and quickly accessible. Thus I won’t change anything that will bloat it or have negative impact on it’s main use.

If you prefer to share you opinions in the forums rather than commenting on this blog-post, here’s your place to go: WeGotServed-Forums (english) or Home-Server-Forum (german). Of course you can also email me.

Andreas M.

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  1. November 17th, 2008 at 21:23 | #1

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    (geen naam)
    I think this is a really great tool, and thanks for all the effort that you have put in this!
    Right now I cannot think of anything I would really need. Lets hope Powerpack 1 will bring a lot of new and exiting possibilities!

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