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VAIL Dashboard improvements

April 28th, 2010

Windows Home Server Codename “VAIL” is the next version of Windows Home Server, now in public beta. Just like with the “Home Server Console” in the current version, it will feature a central place of administration. In order to emphasize the evolution the console has gone through it is now named the Dashboard.

As detailed in my AAC Feature Focus article back in January, the Home Server Console runs on the server itself and its user interface is displayed on a client computer over a remote desktop session. One disadvantage of this method is that the console window has a fixed size and any application that is launched from the console is trapped within the console window:

RegeditInWHSConsole Regedit.exe run from the Advanced Admin Console on Windows Home Server

While the VAIL Dashboard is also running on the server the Dashboard client application now utilizes a new Remote Desktop Services feature called “RemoteApp”. RemoteApp integrates the Dashboard UI into the client’s desktop, thus creating a richer and more natural user experience:

RegeditInWHSDashboard Regedit.exe run from the Advanced Admin Console on VAIL (Client’s Regedit in background)

As you can see, the Dashboard and the server’s Regedit window are not tied together, are fully resizable and they both appear on the client’s taskbar. Notice the contrast between the Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 window styles and the Windows XP desktop theme of the client while the Dashboard and its child windows are seamlessly integrated into the desktop.

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