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Advanced Admin Console 2011 Beta is here

February 24th, 2011


As promised earlier this week, the public beta of my new Advanced Admin Console 2011 AddIn for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is finally available for download.

The Advanced Admin Console AddIn (AAC) for the first version of Windows Home Server was a huge success and AAC 2011 has been developed from scratch in order to fully harness the new features and capabilities available in the 2011 range of server operating systems from Microsoft.

Key features

Advanced Admin Console enables full Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer integration in the server Dashboard:

Windows Explorer integrationWindows Explorer integration

The Server Administration Tasks Panel brings a comprehensive list of administrative tools and resources to your fingertips. The goal is to make the Dashboard the central place of administration not only of your server but your entire network.

Server Administration - Tasks
Windows Explorer links and Administrative Tools

This is accomplished by the Favorites Panel’s support for custom links to ‘pretty much everything’ (Web URLs, URLs to local services and other intranet URLs, files, folders, programs and other executables, etc.).

Server Administration - Custom LinksServer Administration - Favorites

You can even access other machines and devices on your network and connect to them via Remote Desktop Connection if they are running a supported operating system.

Network access

Since AAC is fully integrated with the standard Windows Favorites functionality, all your custom links and shortcuts will also be available to you if you’re using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your server. You don’t even have to use the Dashboard in this case:

Full favorites integration

Why would I want this, why do I need this?

Because it’s awesome! And because it’s pretty darn useful!

Ok, seriously: Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials are very powerful operating systems with lots of functionalities. Due to their expandability you can add additional server software like a blog (e.g. WordPress), a media streaming service (like Twonky) and a lot more. You also may have a couple of devices (like a router, switches or WiFi access points) on your network which support web based configuration interfaces. AAC 2011 makes it easy for you to access all of these from one central place of administration: The server’s Dashboard.

Once you have experienced it you won’t want to miss it again, I promise.

Installation on Windows Home Server 2011 or Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

This video by Timothy Daleo shows the installation and first use of the AAC AddIn. Note: It’s mentioned several times in the video that AAC will expire on December 1, 2010. This is because the video is based on an earlier private technical preview version of AAC. The version published today (0.9.1 Beta) will work until August 1, 2011.

Installation of the Advanced Admin Console 2011. Video courtesy of usingwindowshomeserver.com.


Go to the downloads page to download the Advanced Admin Console 2011 Beta. You can share your opinion and discuss the beta over at the HomeServerLand forums.

  1. ryan
    March 5th, 2011 at 01:40 | #1

    Will this work with WHS, not WHS 2011? I was prompted to update inside AAC and came here to check it out but it looks like it’s really made for WHS 2011.

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