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Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 runs Colorado AddIns

February 16th, 2012

Today I discovered that the MultiPoint Manager in Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 looks an awful lot like the Dashboard in Windows Home Server 2011 and its siblings from the Colorado family of Windows Server operating systems:

MultiPoint Manager

I wondered if it was actually built using the same technology and tried to install the Advanced Admin Console 2011 AddIn on it. The installation went fine but when I tried to launch MultiPoint Manager it crashed on me. Reviewing the log files I found out that it was missing the whole AddIn Infrastructure present in WHS 2011, so I removed the update check from AAC 2011 (the only thing that depends on the AddIn Infrastructure) and tried again.

This time it worked:

AAC on MultiPoint Server - Explorer Tab

AAC on MultiPoint Server - Web Browser Tab

Yeah, I know it’s documented (like here and here) but I guess I missed it because unlike the Dashboard in WHS 2011, MultiPoint Manager does not have an AddIns Tab and the operating systems doesn’t recognize the .wssx file extension used for WHS 2011 AddIn packages.

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