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The End

January 8th, 2017

As of 2017/01/01 amicLabs is no longer in business. We thank all the people who liked our product and supported us by licensing it. However, due to the industry’s push towards cloud computing and the decline of interest in self-hosted solutions for small businesses and – nontheless – personal reasons, we have decided to cease development of the Advanced Admin Console AddIn.

We thank all out loyal users and customers.

amicLabs – Andreas Unverdorben

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  1. Thomas Kraus
    January 9th, 2017 at 09:43 | #1

    Hallo Andreas,
    schade, dass es mit der Software nicht weitergeht. Gibt es denn eine Möglichkeit, für den jetztigen Softwarestand noch einen Lizenzschlüssel zu bekommen? Ich bin noch oldschool, nutze Server 2012R2 Essentials und habe die Advanced console gerade erst entdeckt.

    Alles Gut,

  2. William Davis
    January 11th, 2017 at 13:28 | #2

    Thanks for your great WHS add-in. I was a WHS user from the start with V1, and continue to use WHS2011 today. I’m doing backups and some long-overdue server maintenance, some of it remotely outside my home, which is perhaps when I really appreciate your Advanced Admin Console add-in. I continue to use an on-prem solution for most of our home’s data, and will probably continue that in foreseeable future because on-prem is just so much faster than cloud (still) and I’m never threatened with hitting my ISP’s data cap (currently with AT&T that’s 1TB/month).

    WHS was a great idea but was always too technical for the average home user. I work in IT and liked the simplified server solution, so I could deal with the issues like Dashboard’s memory leak that gobbles up RAM within minutes, or weird issues that pop-up in the syslog, or other tech issues. Overall, though, my home server just hums along, keeping all our data together, centrally-located and duplicated (including backed-up to a Windows 2012 storage server).

    I just looked tonight, and WHS’s 2008 R2 SP1 core is supported until January 2020, so I’ve got three years yet before I have to do anything differently. Cloud computing will be better then, but as we’ve all seen, cloud computing is at risk at being breached more easily (my opinion) than my one, lone, server is. Why would anyone go after me when there are so much better, more tantalizing prospects for those with evil intentions?

    Anyway, I’m rambling now. Just wanted to thank you for your work. You won’t ever appreciate how many people and in how many ways you’ve benefited others who have used your product.

    Warm regards, William

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